The challenges we face are great, but they are no match for the talent, strength, and dedication of the AFGE membership.
However, AFGE needs you! That’s why we ask you to commit to the following:
  • I commit to completing a minimum of four volunteer shifts with my local, district or council as part of AFGE’s plan to mobilizeto protect our jobs, our right to have a union and all the workers’ rights having a union provides me during 2020.
  • I also pledge to talk to 5 of my AFGE brothers or sisters about our plan. I will discuss the necessity of good outreach, and I will ask them for their phone number, email, and to join our text list.
  • As an AFGE member I understand the enormous threats to our union and will do all I can to help educate our Congressional representatives and elect candidates who will fight for AFGE’s Legislative priorities including our right to a union and collective bargaining.
Fill Out the Form to Volunteer:
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