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AFGE 1658 Officers

  • Zedrick Brown, President
  • Greg Polcyn, Executive Vice President
  • Rob Duquette, Area VP, GVSC/DLA
  • Lori Finchem, Area VP/ACC
  • Matthew Holtyn, Area VP, Fire/Police
  • Deborah (Debbie) Hough, Area VP/ACC
  • Mary Lee, Area VP, SANGB/PEOs
  • Michael Wilson Area VP, ILSC/Troy
  • Leslie Wilson-Smith Women’s/Fair Practices Coordinator/Steward
  • Joseph Dolan, Treasurer
  • Echo Hunt, AFGE 1658 Office Manager/Secretary
  • Phillip Landan, Trustee/Steward
  • Vernard Moore, Trustee
  • Lisa Kennedy, Trustee/AFL-CIO Liaison
  • Vacant, Veterans Affairs
  • Vacant, Legislative Chair
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