September 19, 2023

Fellow Brothers & Sisters of AFGE Local 1658,

As all of you are aware, the United Autoworkers Workers (UAW) are currently on strike for higher wages, better working conditions, and an equitable pay system.  As the President of this Local, I and our Executive Board, fully support the UAW and their struggle to achieve better working conditions.  As federal workers we cannot strike, but the labor movement is more than just one Local or industry; we are all in this together.   On that note, I highly encourage all Local members, especially retirees, to get involved in this important moment in labor history.  For starters, please visit for information on negotiations and what you can do to assist.  Hopefully, the strike will end soon with a fair and equitable contract so everyone can get back to work.

On a final note, please call your congress person and senators, the last thing we need at this point is another Government shutdown.  Remember, we are all in this together.

Zedrick Brown


AFGE Local 1658



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