AFGE Local 1658 Proudly Presents: The 12th Annual 2020 AFGE Local 1658 Veterans Scholarship

Total Award Amount Available: $1,500.00

This special scholarship honors the brave men and women who honorably served our great nation.  Individual award amounts will be based on the number of applications received, but will not be less than $200 per person.

Deadline for applications is 2 November 2020

Eligibility Requirements:

*NOTE: Previous year’s (2019) winners are ineligible for the 2020 scholarship and must skip a year before reapplying.

1. Applicant must be an AFGE 1658 Local Member/Veteran or spouse, child, grandchild or dependent of an AFGE Local 1658 Member/Veteran sponsor.

2. The AFGE Member/Veteran or sponsoring AFGE Member/Veteran must be a member in good standing (dues are up-to-date) for at least one year as of 2 November 2020.

3. Applicant must provide proof of enrollment in an academic program at an institution of higher learning, such as a Community College, State University or a Private four year College.

4. All applicants must submit a completed application package to the Building 230 Union Office hand-delivered not later than 2 November 2020 or postmarked no later than 2 November 2020. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

5. Applications of spouses, children, grandchild or dependent of AFGE 1658 Local Member/Veteran Elected Officers will only be considered if no other applications are received. Applications will be reviewed by an independent veteran’s panel.

Completed Application Package Shall Include the Following:

1. Applicant’s Name, Address, and Birth Date, Phones and e:mail contacts along with AFGE Member/Veteran Sponsor contact information.

2. If not an AFGE Member/Veteran, your relationship to the AFGE Member/Veteran sponsor.

3. Include in the package a copy of the member/veteran’s proof of discharge, DD214 or honorable discharge paper (with Personal Information and SSN Blocked out).

4. Academic institution attending and estimated graduation date.

5. College enrollment documentation (registration receipt or letter from college confirming enrollment)

6. Essay: Typed, double spaced essay not exceeding 500 words on any (one) of the following topics:

* Essay on what it means to be “An American”
* Research into the history of medical advancements during US military conflicts.
* Investigation of history and careers in the US Department of Defense.

7. List Community or Veterans Volunteer Service Activities.  Please provide this listing on a separate page – limit to ONE page.

Delivery Information:

You may hand-deliver the application package to the Building 230 Union Office, Room 136W, no later than

2 November 2020


You may mail the application package, postmarked no later than 2 November 2020 to:

ATTN: Veterans Scholarship Committee
AFGE Local 1658
Building 230, Room 136W
Mail Stop 423
6501 E. 11 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48397-5000

Award Announcement:  The scholarship award recipient names will be announced on or around Veterans Day 2020.

Questions?  Email or call:

Michael J. Johnson Veterans Volunteer, or Cell (248) 229-2391

Zedrick Brown
President, AFGE Local 1658

2020 AFGE 1658 Veterans Scholarship

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